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Takeoff with Sigma and PlanSwift gives you a real-time link between 2D plans and your estimate. No more exporting to spreadsheets and being unsure if all the quantities were updated correctly after every change.

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Why Choose Sigma?

Estimate construction projects in the same logical way you would build them. Estimates for each building section are created separately, and the project is automatically summarised on the built-in Summary sheet, giving you an overview of the entire project, without you having to write as much as a single formula. Sigma takes the difficulty out of setting up estimates and pricing proposals. Instead of spending hours writing formulas that link through lots of tabs in a conventional spreadsheet, you can compile estimates of each building section separately, and automatically get a summary from the built-in Summary sheet.
You start your estimate by specifying the building structure, for example by entering the dimensions of a floor, roofing section or wall etc. Sigma gives you an overview, so you can check you have included all the parts required, and then material quantities can be pulled in from the drawings in the CAD program.
You can then begin to add the pricing details and material quantities for each section, working in the same methodical way as you would if you were building it. This logical workflow gives you confidence that nothing is missing, and saves you hours of work.

As you complete price and quantity details for individual building sections, the total price of the construction project is automatically summarised on the Summary sheet. From here you can drill back down into the pricing details for each section if you wish.

The Summary sheet summarises material quantities, cost prices, profit margins and more. With all this information presented in one place, it is easy to give targeted discounts or adjust the project’s total amount to match a competitor’s price. This is all done without triggering an avalanche of manual recalculations because Sigma automatically updates all the numbers, right down to the individual building sections.
When the estimate is finalised, and the price agreed, you can save, print, attach and send the pricing summary, details, material supply requirements, notes, and other required documents all with the click of a button. This gives everyone on the project the information they need in the format they need it in.

When you have finished and saved an estimate, you can reuse these estimates for new construction projects by importing building sections from an existing project into a new one. You do not need to update any formulas because Sigma does it for you – the only thing you need to change is the pricing and quantity.

In this way, you will gradually build your own database of estimates for building parts that you regularly use. Then you have them ready for the next construction project you need to estimate in Sigma.

Download a free trial of our general contractors estimating software and find out for yourself. You will see how easy estimating can be, and once you have tried it you will wonder how you managed without it!

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