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Gottlieb Paludan


Danish architecture firm Gottlieb Paludan has built a corporate culture which believes the right tools paves the way forward. More than just efficiency and accuracy, their selection of digital tools is also sharpening their competitive edge.

Ambitions run high at the architectural firm Gottlieb Paludan in Copenhagen, and that’s just the way it should be says, head of development, Erik Falck Jørgensen.

“We should do all the things others dream about,” he says, definitive, making a statement of intent as much setting an inspirational goal. “It is essential to compete by delivering not just good design, but profitable cases.”

Sigma enables the team

To meet that goal, the firm introduced Sigma into the practice to level the playing field and ensure everyone has the same tools and deploys them consistently on all cases.

Ever-changing contractor standards means more stakeholders are object-oriented but not everyone is plugged into technology at the same level.

And therein lies the competitive opportunity, says Jørgensen, who is at the helm to drive the enterprise towards their vision of the future.

“With the right tool at their fingertips, anyone can calculate the costs for time and materials,” he says. “As architects, we should concentrate on design. I shouldn’t waste my time on spreadsheets. Ideally, when I have completed my design, I have also completed the cost calculation.”

The firm turned to Sigma because it offers a turnkey solution which is easily downloaded and deployed. Now they no longer have to create their own formulas and the program seamlessly supports them digitally.

Sigma is like an extra staff member; it pulls quantities and specific materials from 3D drawings and then automatically plugs them into the cost calculation, keeping a running total as work progresses.

The entire case can be then priced directly from the 3D drawing. That’s valuable time and money saved.

The value of proper tools

Jørgensen is thrilled at the way Sigma has shortened the decision cycle.

“What used to take a week now only takes a day,” he says adding the direct integration between Sigma and 3D drawings means less risk information is lost between drawing and calculation. Small changes in the drawing can be re-used without problems, even at the last minute. “Integration is important and the more software can communicate seamlessly and securely, the better tool it is all around,” he says.

Jørgensen thinks in the future, the contractors will insist their collaborating partners make use of smart tools like Sigma or they will just move on and look for someone else.

Work smarter, not harder

Jørgensen says the money spent on intelligent software is a sound investment.

“As we become better and faster, it soon pays for itself,” he says, predicting the take-off tools will also evolve with CAD technology in tandem. “There will be hold outs but the industry will have to make use of smarter tools to meet the demands of the future.”

History already shows the evolution of more intelligent tools make many tasks less demanding and resource-intensive. Sigma is well positioned as the next generation spreadsheet.

“Today everything is drawn in CAD, but 15 years ago the attitude was, ’okay, if I’m going to build an airport I will use CAD,’” he says. “Nowadays bicycle sheds are built in CAD! That’s how it will evolve with calculation tools like Sigma.”

About Gotlieb Paludan

Gottlieb Paludan Architects was established in Copenhagen in 1901. Gottlieb Paludan Architects is a public limited company owned by Creative Director Jesper Gottlieb and CEO Kristian Hagemann.

“If I had to be doing math all day, it would make my job a whole lot harder. It’s much easier when the math is already done. You just have input the dimensions and then it does the calculations. Hourly wages, material costs, and any carpentry costs with the markup for whatever job you’re doing, and it puts it all together.

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