Case Study:

Lars Printz


Since 2003, Lars Printz has been providing exceptional carpentry, bricklaying and general contracting services and renovations for public buildings, schools, institutions, and residential buildings throughout Copenhagen.

Widely recognized for its high quality craftsmanship and the ability to complete construction cases on time and on budget, Lars Printz has grown into a successful small business. The company’s 30 employees are responsible for 30-50 cases per year, each ranging from $100,000 to approximately $3 million.

The challenge

Like most small construction companies, Lars Printz was relying on spreadsheets for cost estimating and budgeting of cases. While this was a viable alternative, it presented several challenges to the company’s cost estimators. These challenges were:

  • Risk of inconsistent estimates: Manual entry of information into a spreadsheet comes with the inherent risk of human error.
  • Need to create estimates from scratch: Each case requires the estimator create a new spreadsheet and plug in all of the requirements relevant to a specific case to determine the cost.
  • Time consuming research process: To accurately price jobs requires looking up each case element in a database or a pricing book and inputting each line item into the spreadsheet.

Separately, each of these challenges can hinder productivity. And when these factors are combined, they have an even greater on a company’s profitability.

Lars Printz’s top three requirements were:

In an effort to accelerate the case estimation process without compromising quality or accuracy, Lars Printz explored other alternatives to spreadsheets. In their research, they discovered a potential alternative yet the solution was limited in its ability to deliver a comprehensive and easyto-use tool that would:

  • Provide templates for fast and easy quotes that result in uniform customer reports and quotation letters.
  • Go beyond a visual price list of products to create estimates that are accurate and reflect the client’s business needs.
  • Automatically pull from an historical price database and insert the information into a quote that could be easily adjusted by the estimator.
  • Faced with the options of returning to spreadsheets or investing in a tool with limited capabilities, Lars Printz continued its search and soon discovered Sigma Estimates.

The Sigma solution

After reviewing the software, Lars Printz determined Sigma was the best solution for its cost estimation needs. Since 2009, Lars Printz has come to rely on Sigma as a critical aspect of its business.

Since Sigma is easy to use and most customers are quickly up and running on the software, Lars Printz is now able to:

  • Eliminate the risks associated with manual entry of data.
  • Use Sigma’s templates to develop uniform quotes.
  • Easily include current prices from price lists and databases.
  • Create accurate estimates in less time, which results in cost savings for the company and its clients.
  • Bid on more jobs because of the speed and accuracy of Sigma.
  • Improve overall productivity by integrating Sigma into existing investments in technology including the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.
“Using Sigma, we’re able to estimate jobs more quickly and accurately. This allows us to bid on more cases without compromising the high-quality service that our customers have come to expect for nearly 10 years” Lars Printz President and Founder

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